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FinnHOGs We are the FinnHOGs. We are a Drinking Club with riding problem.

FinnHOGs was established in Manila, Philippines during the First Philippine Bike Week on April 4th 2003. The Philippines Chapter still remains as the Mother of All the Chapters. We have drunk and ridden our way to Singapore, Japan, UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Beijing and some other locations where the spirit was not strong enough (pun intended, in our case it should be about 38%) to set up a lasting chapter.

In addition to those we have Global Chapter that hosts all the poor souls who had to return to Finland or are located in various other countries without formal Chapter. New Chapters are often borne as soon as our immigrants sober up after flight in.

FinnHOGs are not in direct association what so ever with any other association or group that has common letters HOG in their name. HOG is a capitalized reference to the fact that we usually have more or less grimed faces and red necks after rides and even sometimes behave like one, at least if our Sissy Bar Members’ tales are trusted. However, we do ride and co-operate with other clubs, whether they are Drinking Clubs or Motorcycle Clubs. Best way to learn to know us is to ride and drink with us. That way we also learn to know you.

FinnHOGs was originally established, not so surprisingly, for Expat Finns who have a nice Harley in the country of current residence. Thus, there never can be a Chapter in Finland. Despite of this strong national undertone, we do have and we gladly accept other nationalities, at least almost all.

As one can become a FinnHOGs member only by invitation, the only one non-accepted nationality is for us to know and you to find out. Because of this strong nationality link, our Colors consist mainly of Coat of Arms very similar to that of Republic of Finland. This is because despite of our Expat status, we are very proud to be Finns or at least associate with them.

Even Nationality is one qualifier, it is not very “fine comb” in a manner of speaking. Thus, another qualifier is that one has to be a Great Guy to be considered as a Prospect. Alternatively one must have a beautiful and well proportioned body form… Currently most members fulfilling the latter qualification are non-riding members of FinnHOGs Sissy Bar Club, even we have exceptions both ways.

We have a strong sense of ownership of certain Ride brand, but it is not up to us to promote it in public. There are only two requirements as what constitutes as pre-requisite “a nice Hog”. The first is that the ride is a, well, mostly US made cruiser. The second is simply mechanical limitation of cylinder displacement, which is to be 884 cubic centimetres or more. These are not arbitrary requirements as we Ride it like we stole it!

The FinnHOGs ride with many other clubs. We also participate to different rallies and other events. Easiest way to get in touch with us is to look us up in our Social Media sites.